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Droplets   1plus 1Wind

1plus 1


by and with Guglielmo Papa &Omid Niaz
live music and sound design:Tiziano Popoli
Two men from faraway places, from two different worlds, each with their own baggage, each with their own past, meet in a new land. The same land.
After a bitter fight, the two men decide to split the land in two and take possession of their parts, marking out the boundaries. A line in the middle divides them and at the same time protects them.
Opening their bags, the two men find pieces of their history, fragments of their past lives. The two men build their new worlds, their new lives, in this new land. Two distant yet close lands. An invisible wall separates them. The only words they have to communicate are “Yes” and “No”.
The two of them carry on their lives with the normal day-to-day contrasts of two neighbours, but as time go by, seen on stage as the passage through days and nights, their lives are revealed as being complimentary. When one of the two unexpectedly decides to leave the land, the other, finding himself alone, will have no choice but to leave as well.

Suitable for children (over 5 years-old) as well for adults

1+1” is a co-production between Italy and Iran, a collaboration between “La SocietÓ della Civetta”, company of Bologna, and “Nano & Aroosak”, award-winning children theatre company in Esfahan, with the support of Dramatic Art Center of Tehran and Ordibehest Institute of Esfahan.

The world premiere of “1+1” took place at Fadjr Festival in Tehran on January 28th, 2013.

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