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Droplets   1+1Wind



A water performance for children

by Guglielmo Papa

with Fabiana Giordano and Guglielmo Papa

direction Guglielmo Papa

There are countries where water is so plentiful that it’s a nuisance.
There are countries where there is no water at all…
but only stones, sand and the desert.
It is a long way away…

Goccioline (Droplets) is a performance about water as an essential resource not to be wasted, but to be valued and loved. The dramatisation, based on words and sounds, unravels throughout a journey from the Western world to Africa, in search of enchantment and magic.

Elements on which the performance is based are a thirsty camel, waiting for a cloud and the moment of joy when the rain finally falls.

Fabiana and Guglielmo, through effective and simple actions, invite the children to listen to the water; whether it flows in all its abundance or whether there is very little of it and needs to be gathered drop by drop.

 …every single drop is of great importance when water is a rare commodity and when rain becomes a long-awaited event. Every little droplet contains a sound to caress and love. Every single droplet is a precious little friend to protect…

Goccioline is a show of few words based on the way the actors interact on the stage, through a game of glances, silence and actions which take the audience into a humorous and delicate ambience, full of life and meaning.

length: 40 minutes

Suitable age: 1-5 years
Performance space:
min. 3x2 metres- preferably which can be darkened
The show can also be performed in other places

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