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Rosie & Ross

the new production 2015 of La Società della Civetta
for Joyful Theatre in South Korea

with: Choi Kyung-hoon, Kang Min-ji, Son Hyung-wook
music and sound design:
Tiziano Popoli
set designer: Kim Mi-kyung
lighting designer: Kim Hee-sun

directed by Guglielmo Papa

Rosie & Ross are two homeless people.

Disenfranchised and marginalized by society, they live in cardboard boxes to protect themselves from the cold. 
They keep few objects, fragments of their past, which they carry with them.

They are alone, isolated in their own worlds and negotiating their difficult existences. 
Sometimes they remember the past... Sometimes they dream of a future… The present is denied to them...
They continue their lives, navigating the normal daily struggles in an abnormally reclusive world of survival until they meet...

Combining their cartons and objects they will build a home in the street. 
The construction of the house will be the construction of their love and time will stop,
allowing the present to become a dream come true.
All their poor objects will take on a new life and they will remain in the same house, hand in hand,
rotating in space, remembering their past, dreaming of their future and living in their present love….

Rosie & Ross is a story about the necessity of love to sustain us in life.
The performance is based on the silent interaction of the actors on the stage with
a sound design which leads the audience into a humorous and delicate atmosphere full of life and meaning.

suitable age: over 5-year-old
Premiere: Kimchungup Musuem, Anyang, South Korea.
8 - 16 August 2015

Organizer: Anyang Foundation for Culture & Arts - Joyful Theatre
Sponsor: Arts Council Korea, GyeongGi-Do, GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

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